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If you are like us, you want a great rate and top quality service without any hidden fees or charges. With BG Financial, what you see is what you get. We are a full service mortgage brokerage that provides residential loans to borrowers with either excellent or challenged credit. We offer a vast array of loan programs and help you choose the right one for your situation. No two clients are alike and no one knows this better then BG Financial.

In the world of financing, having a consultant at your disposal can make all the difference. BG Financials' efficient service guarantee will ensure that our highly trained and experienced staff is always on call to answer your questions. It is our mission that your loan process goes smoothly from beginning to end. Whether it is today or tomorrow, BG Financial will be here for you.

Whatever your situation, please contact us today for a rate quotation.

Why use a mortgage broker?

Mortgage brokers literally have dozens and dozens of financial products to offer their customers. Unlike most banks, who only offer a handful of mortgage solutions, we have affiliations with all of the major lenders, all of whom offer a multitude of programs for specific needs. Brokers are familiar with many lenders and loan programs.

A broker is able to source a wide range of mortgage deals on your behalf, and will then put forward the ones that offer the best value in terms of interest rates and monthly repayments. Using a mortgage broker is a great way to get an affordable mortgage that is tailored to meet your needs and circumstances. It is also an excellent solution to obtaining a mortgage without having to put in the hard work and time that you would have to without the assistance of a professional broker.

We don't take a “cookie cutter” approach but, rather, we'll research the lender marketplace to find the right product that fits your unique situation. We work for you, not the bank.
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